1. 25% Advance payment at the time of booking.

2. The amount of minimum guarantee must be deposited 24 Hrs. before the start of the function.

3. Minimum guarantee will be charged even if the number of guests is less than guaranteed

4. During function if number of guest increased payment has to be deposited in advance for extra plates.

5. Sharing of plates will not be allowed.

6. Hiring of outside DJ Flower and other theme is not allowed.

7. Dj station will be closed at 23:00hrs (As Govt. Rule)

8. Guests are responsible for there belongings/management is not responsible for the loss of valuable of the guest like cash jewellery, gift mobile etc.

9. Carrying of fire arms/weapons is not allowed in the halls.

10 Playing of band/Drums/Dhol etc. will not be allowed in the halls

11. A.C. Plant will be shutdown at midniught for evening function and 4pm for lunch Function

12. Food service will be closed by 15:00 hrs for lunch and 00:00 hrs midnight for dinner.

13. Any damage to banquet hall property shall be borne by the host.

14. In any case of cancellation of booking, advance paid will not be refunded & will not be adjusted.

15. Outside food and beverage is not allowed

16. Food and beverages are for consumption in the Banquet premises only, no food will be packed even if number of guests are less then the minimum guarantee.

17. P-10A, Licence is stricly required for liquor service

18. Car parking at owner's risk

19. Applicable taxes and 3% service charge will be charges extra.